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    Infinispan acessing data under cache.

    varsha g Newbie

      Hello All,

      I'm new to Infinispan.I'm trying to create a simple example on infinispan.


          I'm having servlet 1


              String configFile = "/home/user/infinispan_config.xml"; //path to config file

              DefaultCacheManager m = new DefaultCacheManager(configFile);   

              Cache<String, ArrayList<String>> c = m.getCache("evictionCache");   


                 ArrayList<String> arr=new ArrayList<String>();









          It's showing size here


          Now I'm having servlet 2


              String configFile = "/home/user/infinispan_config.xml"; //path to config file

              DefaultCacheManager m = new DefaultCacheManager(configFile);

              Cache<String, ArrayList<String>> c =m.getCache("evictionCache");




          Here I'm abel to get cache but not size of arr as it's throwing nullpointer exception


          My infinispan_config.xml contians following.



            <namedCache name="evictionCache">

               <eviction wakeUpInterval="500" maxEntries="5000" strategy="FIFO" />

               <expiration lifespan="60000" maxIdle="10000"/>




          What to do to make above work as it's not storing data to  cache to access in application ?


          I'm very new to this.. Please help

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          Pedro Ruivo Apprentice



          I'm assuming that the servlets are running in different machines/java virtual machine...


          The cache needs to be configured as a clustered cache and to enable it, you need to set a transport in the global section to allow the machines/jvms communicate between them:




            <transport clusterName="infinispan-cluster"> <!-- you can set any name that you want -->


                   <property name="configurationFile" value="jgroups-udp.xml"/>









          The jgroups-udp.xml is already in the infinispan jar. It should work in most of the systems. If not, you have to set a new JGroups configuration. Check the JGroups' manual here: http://jgroups.org/manual-3.x/html/index.html


          In addition to a transport you need to set how the data is keep. You can set a replicated mode (the data is replicated in all the machines) or distributed mode (the data is replicated in a subset of machines, 1 or more). In distributed mode, if the cache in a node does not have the data, it will fetch it.




            <clustering mode="r"> <!-- set mode to "d" for distribution -->





          This is an overview. The full documentation can be found here: http://docs.jboss.org/infinispan/5.2/configdocs/

          If you have more question, post here in the forum. I was not clear let me know.




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            varsha g Newbie

            Thanks Pedro.Your answer helped me lot.