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    How to deploy jbpm 5.4 to jboss 7 project

    mike just Master

      I am having a project running with jboss 7.1.1. Now I am trying to develop workflow function with jbpm 5.4. So the question is how to get jbpm 5.4 required stuff and make them work with my jboss project.


      For example, what jar libraries are necessary to use to run with jbpm 5.4 and what sql scripts need to use to create required tables for jbpm 5.4.


      I have searched a lot from the forum and all I have found is how to make jbpm 5.4 installer run. But what I am trying to do is how to make my jboss project run with jbpm 5.4.


      I am not sure if I am wrong in somewhere, but please advise me. Thanks in advance.