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    JBPM4.4 in a Web app

    mvermand Newbie



      I am trying to improve the way I use JBPM4.4 in a Web app (ADF @Weblogic).

      Now, I have an initialization listener in the web app which instanciates an ENUM object holding reference to the different JBPM services (RepositoryService, TaskService...).

      But no dedicated environment is created for the HTTP Request, so JBPM creates and closes a lot of hibernate transactions (in different environment instances).

      This throws the use of the JBPM (ProcessDefinition) Cache over board.


      I would like to create an Environment object ( environmentFactory.openEnvironment() ) in a Servlet Filter and keep/use this environment instance throughout the handling of the HTTP Request.

      In this way I can get objects from the JBPM Cache.


      Is this the correct way of doing?

      Where can I find any documentation on this?