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    Support "in" expression for AuditRelatedId

    Jason Huang Newbie



      Thanks for Envers, we save a lot of effort on implementing our audit feature. Now I am working on searching audit data and realise that it's hard to search revisions based on relation condition. For example, I have domain objects like this:


      class Employee {
        private Integer id;
        private Company company; //many to one relation
        private String firstName;
        private String lastName;
      class Company {
        private Integer id;
        private String name;


      I would like to search Employee change history within certain companies. The query criterion could look like this:



      However, the AuditRelatedId only supports "eq" and "ne" expression, which means I can't use the "in" expression on relation. It would be good to have such functionalities, or I have to break down the search to serveral queries (one for each company) and sort the result by time manually (but then I will  have pagination problem).


      I wonder if there's any plan on enhancing searching ability by relation property?