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    Transaction Issue with EJBs

    Shobhit Tyagi Master

      Hi Community,


      I have run into an issue with transactions.

      I raised a similar question before and I marked it as answered after getting some helpful replies but it looks like the issue was temporarily gone.


      I have 3 separate prjects. One web, one EJB and one simple java.


      For instance if I have to start a process or I have to complete a task, I send request from a Managed Bean(web project) to the Session Bean(EJB project), which calls the APIs present in the java project.

      In my SessionBean, I use the TransactionManagement annotation as





      And I call the BPM APIs as



       private EJBContext context;
       public void completeTask(long taskID, String userID, Map<String, Object> map) throws Exception
        UserTransaction ut = context.getUserTransaction();
         BpmAPI.startTask(taskID, userID);
         BpmAPI.completeTask(taskID, userID);
        catch(Exception e)


      But doing this gives me the transaction exception. It completes the task but doesnt signal the process instance. But this happens when I leave the taskHandler open, which is created while starting the process instance.

      If I dispose the taskHandler, the transaction exception goes away but the process instance still doesnt proceed after completing the task.

      I believe for signalling the process, taskHandler needs to be not disposed.


      For now the workaround I am doing is disposing the taskHandler, completing the task, completing the workitem(to signal process instance). But just completeTask should do the trick.


      COuld anyone please help me with the Transaction Management.

      I use Websphere 8.5 web container.