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    cannot build jBPM Designer v 2.4.0.Final (problem with SimulationServlet)



      i'm trying to build jBPM Web Designer from sources and i've encountered some compilation errors pointing to org.jbpm.designer.web.server.SimulationServlet.

      Odd because the revision i'm trying to build is supposed to be stable (2.4.0.Final)

      To get the sources i launched :

      -- git clone git@github.com:droolsjbpm/jbpm-desiger.git -b 2.4.x

      -- git checkout 2.4.0.Final

      (-b switch of clone command doesn't change much i suppose)

      Then I used mvn clean install to build the entire thing.

      See attachment for a full error stack (maven console output).

      After upgrading jbpm-simulation dependency to 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT some of the compilation errors disappeared but now it started complaining about org.kie.api.runtime.CommandExecutor.execute method (illegal argument type) :


      [ERROR] \scott\jbpm\jbpm-designer\src\main\java\org\jbpm\designer\web\server\SimulationServlet.java:[163,23] <T>execute(org.kie.api.command.Command<T>) in org.kie.api.runtime.CommandExecutor cannot be applied to (org.drools.command.runtime.rule.InsertElementsCommand)


      I might try to fix this one as well (InsertElementsCommand implements the Command interface but the execute method mentioned expects 'Command<T>' argument - not '? extends Command<T>' - so the subtypes are excluded, if i understand generic methods correctly), but i'm no jbpm expert and wouldn't want to break something.

      Besides - a 'final' release shouldn't require tampering with.

      Thanks in advance for any assistance.