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    (org.rhq.plugins.jmx.JMXServerComponent)- Failed to connect to...


      I hope this is the correct place to ask but if not. Feel free to point me in the right direction.


      I am using the Fuse ESB/AMQ/FMC products - which will be renamed to JBoss Fuse in a few weeks.


      I have installed JON on one server and the agent on another. The agent is installed on the server which also has the ESB installed.


      The agent is failing to connect to JMX as it thinks it should be using: service:jmx:rmi://localhost:44444/jndi/rmi://localhost:1099/karaf-root


      Where as FMC uses the correct url: service:jmx:rmi://


      Any ideas how i'd fix this?


      JON Version: 3.1.2.GA

      Build Number: 323587d:38819b7