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    Multiple clients




      If I have multiple blacktie clients, they all seem to want to use the port defined for <SOCKETSERVER> in btconfig.xml


      How do I make them use a unique port?


      Otherwise they cannot run together, and for example I cant use btadmin if any of them are running (and have done any tpcalls).



      Checked the examples but all of them seem to have SOCKETSERVER defined.

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          looking at the code i guess this a limitation of BLACKTIE-399, servers can now set their callback port on the command line, but clients seem to just inherit the port specified in the btconfig.xml.  It's not really practical to have an abitrary number of btconfig.xmls one per client just to specify the callback port.


          I tried a sneaky hack to set cbConfig.port which is an extern from my client startup code as per the server startup code, but I think it just gets overidden.

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            Would allowing the SOCKETSERVER PORT and HOST attributes in btconfig to be overridden using environment variables (named socketserver_port and socketserver_host) be a suitable fix for this problem?

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              I've raised a JIRA https://issues.jboss.org/browse/BLACKTIE-443 and feel free to comment on it.