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    Jodatime and hibernate pojo generator

    Guillermo L Newbie


      I want to use jodatime for date types and hibernate tools to get the generated pojos from database.


      I'm using jadira in order to make this possible, however even when I map the type as the following I do not get the expected @Type annotation as I guess it should be.


      My hibernate reveng file is as the following:



          <sql-type jdbc-type="TIMESTAMP" hibernate-type="org.jadira.usertype.dateandtime.joda.PersistentDateTime">



      and here's the produced code:


          @Column(name = "adate", length = 23)

          private DateTime adate;


      As per what I read about using jadira with hibernate I was expecting to get something like the following:


          @Column(name = "adate", length = 23)


          private DateTime adate;


      Hints are more than welcome :-)