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    Jbpm "State" creating multiple threads

    Nadika Ranasinghe Newbie



      I am using JBPM 4.4 integraded with mule 3.3 and I am getting this weired issue where JBPM "state" seems to be creating multiple threads. 


      This JBPM process starts and wait on external service to continue. It is enquiring the external service for x number of hours in every y number minutes to see whether the external service is in the correct state. When it is in the correct state it will continue the JBPM workflow.  The problem is after the successful progression of the workflow, there is another thread (line 68 of the mule log) starts from no where and starting to execute the same workflow again.

      This has no dependency on the number of enquiries it does on the external service to the number of addtional threads being created. I will always create 2 addtional threads after successful progression of the flow. According to the line 68 of the mule log, it just start with the "end1 on waitAndContinueStartOrderEnquires" but no corresponding start anywhere in the log. Therefore, it will always has 2 more "end1 on waitAndContinueStartOrderEnquires" than the "start on waitAndContinueStartOrderEnquires". (line 68 and 78).


      I greatly apprecite if you can help to me solve this issue.


      Please find the JPDL and the Mule logs attached.