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    Guvnor - build package problem, import definitions

    bodi bajk Newbie



      I've designed simple process definition on Guvnor. Process includes imports (ex. java.util.HashMap). Now, when I build package (Guvnor - build pacakge), I get a "Process Compilation error HashMap cannot be resolved to a type HashMap cannot be resolved to a type" error.


      Oryx-designer generate:



                  <emfextmodel:import name="java.util.HashMap"/>




      Guvnor ver. : guvnor-distribution-wars-5.2.0.Final-jboss-as-5.1

      Designer ver. : designer-

      JBPM ver. : jbpm-5.2.0-SNAPSHOT



      Is "import declarations", supported by Guvnor+JBPM ?