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    verify captcha in JBoss 7.1 and EAP 6

    Gunnar Bostrom Newbie


      We are trying to migrate an application from JBoss 5.1 to JBoss 7.1.3 and EAP6.

      We have a login form with a captcha. The form is displayed with a captcha but I don't understand how my captcha authenticator should be setup.


      In JBoss 5.1 we defined an auth-method in web.xml like this:



      Then in war-deployers-jboss-beans.xml we defined the class that should be invoked like this:

            <property name="authenticators">

               <map class="java.util.Properties" keyClass="java.lang.String" valueClass="java.lang.String">






      How can I do the same in JBoss 7.1.3 and EAP6?