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    Source code location post 6.1.0.Alpha (7.2.0.Final)


      Due to https://hibernate.onjira.com/browse/HHH-8025 the included hibernate release of 4.2.0.CR1 is a non-starter for most (maybe all) using hibernate criteria queries. I've tried updating the hibernate version in the pom (based off the 7.2.0.Final tag) to 4.2.0.Final but it will not build due to test failures. I'm assuming that this has already been fixed in the 6.1.0.Beta branch so is that something that the community has access to? If so what is the location of it?


      If not what is the plan for futher community releases in the 7.2.0.x branch?


      Additionally the 7.2.0.Final tag will not build at all - https://community.jboss.org/blogs/mark.little/2013/03/07/eap-binaries-available-for-all-developers#comment-11837 and others have taken for forking to correct this - https://github.com/ecki/jboss-as/tree/7.2


      I understand that Red Hat/JBoss is not wanting to push out any more community versions in the 7.1/7.2 versions but maybe a little more support for the community would be helpful so that things don't fragment.


      It feels like 7.2.0.Final was developed with no Alpha/Beta/CR releases. Because of this no wide community testing to find issues/bugs occured. Now that it is released, the community is shut out of the process and as we find these issues there is no way to contribute.  The community is left to use 7.2.0.Final with it's existing bugs while we wait for EAP releases (if we have a subscription) or until 8.0 reaches a Final release.


      Am I misreading the situation?