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    Is there any documentation for OSGi deployments in EAP 6.1.0 ?


      I have WAB wars that refused to deploy in 7.1 using PAX. I was told that 7.2 should support real WAB deployments. This EAP 6.1.0 is supposed to be the same as 7.2 as far as I understand.


      I have found module jar for OSGi deployments in the installation, but I've googled my fingers bloody trying to find any documentation on how to deploy any OSGi bundle on EAP 6.1.0. Is there any such documentation available and if so where ? Does this alpha include OSGi support at all ? I tried to drop som of my OSGi bundles into the deployments folder but that failed. My OSGi bundles works perfectly fine in Glassfish and Virgo. For non WAB bundles I have no way of seeing if they are OSGi deployed or not. The WAB does not deploy as an OSGi WAB but as a JEE war file and thus fails when I access it in a browser. Maybee there is something I need to enable for OSGi to work, but again I find no documentation.


      Please point me to any documentation on how to deploy OSGi bundles in EAP 6.1.0 if it exists yet for the alpha version. The 7.1 docs doesn't seem to apply for this verison.


      Best Regards,

      Tommy Svensson