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    Batch deployment of bundles


      Aaron says


      I think I am still seeing this issue because I am deploying a large amount of bundles and the deployment scanner is executing halfway through my # cp *.jar deployments/ command so it only sees half the bundles, then it executes again and sees the other half but nothing resolves correctly... because that is treated as two different deployment batches?

      Apache Felix provides an auto-deploy feature where it monitors a directory for changes and enacts these changes. If there are unresolved bundles present and a new bundle is installed that provides the necessary packages it will automatically refresh those dependent bundles.

      It may not be required by the specification, but it's actually really handy for development. If JBoss won't support this feature how am I to successfully deploy large batches of bundles?


      It is inherently unsafe to resolve a subset of bundles that should resolve together. If the resolver does not see the complete set of caps/reqs there is a good chance that it makes a wiring decision that will prevent resolution of a subsequent subset.


      The proper solution is to deploy the complete set of bundles at once. We support that as part of an *.ear deployment. There is also the possibility to configure the complete set as part of the osgi subsystem configuration (i.e. bundle capabilities). However, there is still work to be done in this area - please monitor AS7-378

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          If you rely on monitoring a directory for bundles to deploy, there will always be a chance to run into a race condition (detecting bundles half way through a copy), with maybe the exception of creating a sym link to a folder inside the deployment directory, an atomic file system operation, which is a nasty workaround.


          When using an *.ear file as the deployment artifact, doesn't this go against the OSGi mentality? How am I to update a single nested bundle dynamically, without redeploying the whole ear?


          I think the only options are to support hot bundle deployment that refreshes wires for every affected bundle, just like the behaviour was in JBoss AS 7.1 and as it is in other Felix and Equinox based products. And/Or support deployment descriptors like Apache Karaf does via features.xml. I haven't used Karaf expensively, so I cannot comment, but I wonder if a modification to a features.xml requires total redeployment of all the listed bundles just like dropping in an updated ear would?


          I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean by it is unsafe to deploy subsets of bundles? Apache Felix and Eclipse Equinox seem to manage this without any issues, or at least that I have encountered.


          Maybe you mean that some bundles could be wired to old versions of a bundle and others wired to newer versions of a bundle, for no other reason then their deployment order? This to me seems natural.. And shouldn't result in any nasty ClassCastException's.. OSGi will always try and wire the lowest common demoninator, where possible, in the face of multiple versions, to avoid issues like CCE's...


          Can you please give more specific examples of issues this approach may cause?