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    GSOC 2013-participation


      Hello ,

      This is Ayush Pandey,Third Year Student pursuing B.Tech in computer science.

      I have 8-9 months experience of java programming and had worked as developer and created web-portal cosys.in.

      my strong points include -speed to code and develop algos,my dedication and TROUBLE_SHOOTING skills whatever situtation comes if i any project is assigned to me i will complete it at any cost
      i had experienced with java and This is first time inGSOC but i am not new to open-source development.i am attached to issue solving and bugs solving in mysql and java.i also  had got selected as a IBM intern where i will work on application developer in java ee.I had also strong background in mysql and had developed my own storage engine as academic project .

      I am interested in project---Provide ShrinkWrap with Export to: RPM, ISO, RAR, BZIP Formats  but am not clear about project.its technology used,skill level required for this project.


      Before getting started i  want to  get acquainted with  all documents,basic code structure of project.. and how to get started with project.