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    2013 Google Summer of Code


      This discussion to track ShrinkWrap's role within the 2013 Google Summer of Code.


      We'll be submitting under the JBoss Community umbrella this year.  I've been asked by Anil Saldhana, who is coordinating our GSoC involvement, to prequalify our students before we're officially assigned slots by Google.  This will be in effort to ensure that our candidates are signed up for the long haul.


      I'll ask that all interested candidates leave a note here, and I'll likely assign a starter issue for you to begin a working relationship with the project.  I'm an avid proponent of helping out our students, so I encourage and welcome your enthusiasm.




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          I am 3rd year computer science engineering student and this is my

          first time in gsoc programme.I have a good experience in java

          programming from past three years .The basic idea of *JBoss Forge

          plugin for Infinispan and Provide ShrinkWrap with Export to: RPM, ISO,

          RAR, BZIP Formats* been proposed in the ideas list  are  of my

          interest.Sir would you please tell me the details and what are your
          criteria for the selection of desired candidate.I am really
          enthusiastic and excited for the project.What do you see in the

          potential candidate and*do you think having intermediate knowledge

          about java will be sufficient* ..

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            Hi Mr.. Andrew Lee Rubinge,


            My name is Marcos Roriz, I'm a grad (PhD) student @ PUC-Rio (univ created Lua, Ginga DigitalTV Middleware, etc) in Brazil. I'm working with distributed computing, more specifically with mobile computing. I'm a experienced programmer, I can work with many languages (Java, JNI, C/C++, etc) and tools. I'm used to work with specification and standards (I worked in the Ginga Spec and already studied and implemented some JSR specs). For example, I implemented the serialversionuid generator of Apache Harmony (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-6476) based on the Java Specification.


            I'm very interested in working with ShrinkWrap, I have participated in the GSOC 2011 edition, where I worked with GNU Classpath. I'm gonna be honest, I don't have enough knowledge about ShrinkWrap yet! But I think it's a facinating project. I'm really interested on participating in this year edition. I'm interested in the idea (that you guys listed) to allow shrinkwrap to export to RPM, ISO, RAR, BZIP (maybe DEB?) formats.  I already forked the code in github, and I'm familiarizing with the project structure (builting, and fixing some issues).


            I wonder if you are able to mentor this year, and if yes, do you think this is an intering idea to focus on? Also, I'm already focusing on studying the project, building the source, and making some examples.

            Thanks in advance sir,

            Marcos (marcosrorizinf@gmail.com)

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              Hey Andrew


              I am very enthusiastic to work under the JBoss Community and look forward to contribute to the Shrinkwrap Project. I am currently in my second year at college pursuing Bachelors of Computer Science. I am a novice programmer in Java and C++.


              I am willing to learn about the technologies being used in the project (RPM,ISO,RAR,BZIP,DEB) and will be reading on those topics during the following days. I will have the source built and running by the time you assign tasks to be done.



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                This is Ayush Pandey, third year student pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science,

                I have 8-9 months experience of java programming and had worked as developer and created web-portal cosys.in.

                my strong points include -speed to code and develop algos,my dedication and TROUBLE_SHOOTING skills whatever situtation comes if i any project is assigned to me i will complete it at any cost
                I had experienced with java and This is first time inGSOC but i am not new to open-source development.i am attached to issue solving and bugs solving in mysql and java.i also had got selected as a IBM intern (may-15 to june15) where i will work on application developer in java ee.I had also strong background in mysql and had developed my own storage engine as academic project .

                I am interested in project---Provide ShrinkWrap with Export to: RPM, ISO, RAR, BZIP Formats 


                i had forked shrink wrap code and started studing code..

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                  OK guys, my apologies on the tight deadline here, but GSoC applications must be in by end of week.  I'd been expecting to hear back from the admins on this, but alas, I had not.


                  Apply here and let me know:




                  Looking forward to seeing you!