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    Running more than 10 AS7 instances on a machine - best practices?

    Stian Lund Expert



      I'm running into a problem with running JBoss AS7 when there is more than 10 Jboss instances on one machine, and wondering if others have any ideas on the best practices in regards to this.


      The problem is:

      Because we set the port offset to '100' per instance we can have 10 Jboss instances before running into port conflicts. This is because the defined default port for 'management-https' (9443) and 'https' (8443) have the same last two number. So after '1000' the ports collide, since the 'https' port of "Instance11" would be the same as the 'management-https" for "Instance1".


      I have considered changing the management.https.port to 9444, and really it should have been this from the start in JBoss 7... why they did not think of this possibility is a good question I guess.


      I chose 100 as the offset before considering the number of instances we would run after starting to use JBoss more. Also 100 was the default offsett for Jboss 6 so there's historical reasons too. Possibly I should have chosen another offsett, but '1' wouldn't work, neither would 50. Maybe 1000...


      Any ideas what to do or what is considered the best way of solving this?


      By the way, before you ask, "why not run on more machines?" - this is something we are considering, but it is not the question at the moment


      Thanks for any replies.