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    extendedDataTable delete the first row problem

    Vadim Poretsky Newbie


      I have extendedDataTable with some dataModel behind. I'm implementing functionality that will delete selected rows from a table. So I have table:



      <rich:extendedDataTable id="main_table1" value="#{staffController.items}" var="row"

                                                  rows="#{staffController.pageSize}" selection="#{staffController.selection}">




      and some jsFunction



        <a4j:jsFunction name="deleteInline" action="#{staffController.delete(_param1)}"  render="main_table1">

                 <a4j:param name="param1" assignTo="#{_param1}"/>





      This function is called from different places in such way:



                  function doIt(){

                      rN = getActiveIndex();





      Everything works fine for me except I'm trying to delete the first row. And here is a problem: deleted row is rendered despite the fact that it is absent in a dataModel. If I press F5 in my browser - previously deleted row disappears from a extendedDataTable. If I'm trying to delete another rows (second, third,...last) I haven't any troubles.

      How can I fix it? Is it a bug?