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    WildFly nightly builds available


      WildFly nightly builds (which represent the latest from the "master" branch at github https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly) can be obtained from WildFly CI, job https://ci.wildfly.org/viewType.html?buildTypeId=WF_Nightly .

      To log in use "Log in as guest" on login page.


      To download the latest nightly build and start using it, select latest build you want and click "artifacts" :





      Alternatively use direct link to current latest build https://ci.wildfly.org/guestAuth/repository/download/WF_Nightly/latest.lastFinished/wildfly-11.0.0.Beta1-SNAPSHOT.zip



      Any issues with the nightly build can be reported in this forum, in a separate thread.


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