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    JBoss build with latest JBossweb nightly

    android422 Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am having an issue using JBoss AS7 to do multiple file uploads where each input upload field has the same name. Google lead me to this previous discussion and in turn this changelog entry that fixes the underlying bug.


      I've attempted to build the latest JBoss AS 7.2 using github source however it seems that this pulls in the relevant jbossweb jar with maven which is outdated. The same if I download the latest Wildfly 8 alpha binary from continuous integration.

      I decompiled the class contained within the jbossweb jar using jd-gui and confirmed that it did not have this change applied.


      Is there a nightly build that contains this fix? If not, please can someone point me to directions for building an updated jbossweb with this fix.