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    RpcManager#getMembers vs. Transport#getMembers - should they be in sync?

    Carsten Lohmann Newbie



      I noticed that upon shutting down a clusternode/cachemanager, the RpcManager#getMembers method returns the new cluster state quite a bit earlier compared to Transport#getMembers.


      In my scenario (a unit test), a node (=CacheManager instance) is stopped while another thread fires Callables via the ExecutorService on that node.


      At some point I get

      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Target node IBIS-60036 is not a cluster member, members are [IBIS-29670, IBIS-53537]

          at org.infinispan.distexec.DefaultExecutorService.submit(DefaultExecutorService.java:454)

      which is expected. Here the members come from RpcManager#getMembers.


      But when I invoke cacheManager.getTransport().getMembers() directly after that (that is still before the VIEW_CHANGED event has arrived), I still get the old cluster state with 3 members.

      Only after more than 80ms, the VIEW_CHANGED event arrives and Transport#getMembers returns the new cluster state.


      Is that to be expected?


      In that case I assume, it's better to use RpcManager#getMembers in most cases (if I have a cache instance and each node is supposed to have that cache), right?

      (relates to ISPN-2641).