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    Prioritized messages and paging


      It appears that prioritized messages don't work well when the queue is in paging mode. Say the queue has 10K messages with priority 4, where 9K are paged to the disk. I publish a message with priority 9. The new message will not go to the head of the queue. Instead, it sits at the end of the 10K messages, and won't be "prioritized" until the 10K messages are consumed and put in memory.


      Is there a way to get around this? My requirement is, even with paging, I want to send high priority messages to the queue to be delivered in timely manner.

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          We prioritize as messages are depaged. Say we read 10 pages over paging. The messages on this batch reading will then be prioritized. We don't read the whole thing as that wouldn't be performant. (it would require whole system reading).