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    External App Config Folder in Jboss AS7 (7.1.3) classpath

    Kumar R Newbie

      Hi -


                 I need some help here. I am trying to migrate from AS5 to AS7 (From EAP 5 to EAP 6.0). The application in AS5 uses lot of artifacts like rules, spring context files and other schema properties in the external App config folder which is kept in classpath. We achieved it by manipulating jboss-service.xml in the conf folder by adding a custom classpath entry like below. When the As5 server starts it used to boot strap context files, prop files and we had no problem.     


      <classpath codebase="file:///C:/jboss510GA/server/default/resources" archives="*"/>


      I am quite new to AS 7.1 and started migrating to JBoss EAP 6.0.1. I am not sure how I have to configure the same external App config folder for JBoss 7.1. I understood that there is too much of difference how As5 and As7 works. We tried to implement using the link below but it did not work. Also it appears not to be a good practice to manipulat module folders. But if someone can help me out how I can achieve this with AS 7.1, it would be great.