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    ClassCastException in distributed execution framework

    defunkt Newbie



      I've been trying to use the distributed execution framework on a simple application. I have two machines each running one instance of infinispan, connected in a distributed cache with numOwners=2. one machine sends tasks to the other (and not to itself).

      When I submit my DistributedCallable object for execution, I get a ClassCastException from the remote machine saying it does not recognize the callable's class. However, when I include the callable in my deployment to the remote machine, I don't get this exception. This makes perfect sense basically, however I was sure that the distributed executor service also sends the class it is executing to the remote node. Is this not the case?


      I'm using the default jgroups-udp.xml file along with the default distributed-udp.xml file, with arguments -Djgroups.bind.addr=X -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true , where X is the IP address of the "task manager" (the one that doesnt run the callables)



      Gilad Ber.