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    undertow subsystem ?


      Dear all,

      I've gone through the Alpha1 release of WildFly8- I was surprised to see that the standalone.xml configuration contained the subsystem undertow instead of the web subsytem. Is the web subsystem going to be deprecated (maybe the profile standalone-jbossweb.xml is there for compatibility reasons ?) ? but especially what is for the undertow subsystem ??

      Thanks a lot!


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          Undertow is the new web container going to replace JBoss-Web.

          Currently both sub systems are present in the WildFly 8 code base, but the new default is undertow.

          To continue to use jboss-web you can use a config based on standalone-jbossweb.xml.

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            Thanks! Is there already any documentation about the Undertow web server ?



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              Unfortunately the is almost no documentation.

              The project is not listed on the projects site. And it's still under construction, it seems to me that there is lot of work to do until it gets similar functionality and quality as jboss-web has.

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                So, can I chose Wildfly as a full-pledged application server for my enterprise application? My question here is regards with the "virtual-server" configuration adn "rewrite" parts of the JBossWeb subsytem using which I was able to deploy my website with the redirection of HTTPS enabled.

                When I ported my website from JBOSS 7 to Wildfly , I'm facing two issues :

                1.SSL configuration and HTTPS redirection in this subsystem in standalone.xml.

                2.HTTPSession value retrievals.

                Since there is no (enough / proper) documentation for this, any help is highly appreciated.


                Thanks in advance.


                Venkata Rammohan CH.