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    How to setup JBoss EAP 6 in Eclipse Indigo

    David Jensen Newbie


      I'm trying to setup EAP 6 as a server in Eclipse.

      Following is how I tried but didn't work:


      Step 1: In Servers tab, right-click and do New -> Server


      Step 2: Select JBoss Enterprise Middleware


      Step 3: Everything shown below is accurate.


      THE PROBLEM IS: I cannot continue beyond this point. Note the error essage above something about a missing folder.


      I have downloaded the latest version of EAP (as of April 19th it is: 6.1-beta

      I have downloaded the latest "JBoss Tools" for Eclipse.


      I have tried other approaches such as:



      when I click "Download" this is what I get:


      Nowhere in this list is EAP 6.x listed.


      What should I do?



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