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    How to retrieve  a hierarchy from a repositorty


      I have the following scenario:


      A modshape 3.2.0 Final repository, with a single workspace, called myWorkspace. Running in tomcat 6 with spring 3.1 and Java 6


      The workspace will be use to soley store files (word docs, excel, images etc.... so oly folders and binary content) under a folder structure (that the user can define), so file(s) can be under a tree of folders, I have implemented the creation fo folders and files as per https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/MODE/Storing+files+and+folders.


      So what I now need to do is to represent this in a pictorial form in my application, so I need to retrieve the directory structure and any jcr:content in those folders in a tree structure (similar to a file explorer window in windows) from the root folder





           SECOND FOLDER



                THIRD FOLDER





      Also ordering of the data will be important, so either by date or by name (aplhabetic).


      Need to do this in a java class, by interogating repository, I cannot work out the most efficient way to get the data? Do i get the root node and then find nodes under that, or by SQL or any other method?


      The workspace will only contain folders and files, nothing else.


      Any help appreciated.