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    Messages are stuck in HornetQ 2.3.0

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      I saw several posts on this issue, but still cannot understand exactly how to fix the problem we encounter.

      We use the _HQ_SCHED_DELIVERY mechanism in our system in order to poll on some background operations and perform asyncrhnours jobs accordingly.

      We encounter two types of problems:

      1. From time to time, we see that some messages are stuck in queue (until we restart it)

      2. (more frequenatly) we see that messages are proccessed after a long duration of time (much more then we requested in the _HQ_SCHED_DELIVERY configuration).


      Although problems number 2 sounds like a backend-system problem (a.k.a we don't have enough resources to handle messages, so they wait in the queue) - we don't see any kind of stress in our system (we have listeners waiting in idle status).

      If anyone has a clue on it - I will be happy to hear.


      I want to fouces more on problem number 1, as it caused some of our operations to fail (to stuck, actually).

      We used the JMX in order to get some data on the stuck mesasges.

      We see some messages in "scheduled" status, for example:



      And some messages in "delivering" status, for example:




      Any ideans what should we look for?