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    Initial content not working?




      just had a quick check on the new version and noticed that a new repository is not sourced with the initial content file.




      "name" : "repository",

          "jndiName" : "jcr/Test Repository",

          "transactionMode" : "none",

          "monitoring" : {

              "enabled" : false


      "workspaces" : {

              "default" : "default",      

              "allowCreation" : true,

              "initialContent" : {

                  "default" : "modeshape-initial-content-files.xml"





      with xml file



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <jcr:root xmlns:jcr="http://www.jcp.org/jcr/1.0" xmlns:dmsmix="http://www.mycompany.com/dms/mix/1.0">

          <files jcr:mixinTypes="dmsmix:publishArea" jcr:primaryType="nt:folder" dmsmix:autoremove="false" />

          <rules jcr:mixinTypes="dmsmix:adminArea" jcr:primaryType="nt:folder" dmsmix:autoremove="false" />




      Stepping through the code with a debugger I noticed that the ininital import is not performed because the workspace change is not empty(?). The following code in WorkspaceCache.java fails:





           * Checks if this ws cache is empty. An empty cache is considered when the only node key under root is the system key.


           * @return {@code true} if the system key is the only key under root, {@code false} other wise.


          public boolean isEmpty() {

              CachedNode root = getNode(getRootKey());

              // expect there to be 1 child under root - the system key

              return root.getChildReferences(this).size() == 1;       <-- in my case it is 0.




      Any help on this?


      Thanks, Niels

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          Hi Niels,


          If the ws cache is empty, that means the repository hasn't successfully started up (it hasn't been successfully initialized, as the system area is always created first, hence the == 1 check).

          We have several unit tests that validate the initial content behavior, so I suspect that something else is wrong here.


          Are there any other warning/errors in the startup logs ? Do this still occur if you remove the "transactionMode" attribute ?



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            Just one warning


            WARN  [main] org.infinispan.transaction.lookup.GenericTransactionManagerLookup: ISPN000104: Falling back to DummyTransactionManager from Infinispan



            But indeed, if I remove the transactionMode attribute the issue is gone.



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              I've opened https://issues.jboss.org/browse/MODE-1959. In the meantime, you can simply omit the "transactionMode" attribute, even if you're not using transactions.

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