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    Deploying custom archives in Jboss 7


      I have a custom archive(say custom.car) file  which contains the files of the format: *.xml, *.txt, jar files, war files, modules etc. I would like to deploy this archive in jboss 7 such that

      i can make use of exisitng jboss capabilities to deploy those file formats which are already supported by jboss(like deploying war files, modules etc ). I would like to extend jboss to

      support other file formats(xml files, txt files , jar files).


      What are the steps need to be followed to implement such funcationality in jboss to support hot deploy as well. Could someone please point me to the right documentation. I have gone through the Jboss 7 documentation

      (Extending jboss, Subsystems) but i could not really figure out the exact flow to integarte the custom archives into jboss.