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    need your idea

    Amy Newbie

      1, There are two cmp entity beans, named CompanyBean and AddressBean. The relationship between CompanyBean and AddressBean is 1:N unidirectional. The interface is local.
      2, There is a class named dbTableModel, which describes the table's structure, including table name ,column names. And we can use the construct method dbTableModel(tableName) to get the specific table model.
      3, We design ejbs in session facade, so the client developers only need to know the session beans' interfaces.

      we want to make the entity beans transparent to the client developers using session beans and dbTableModel.
      For a simple example, we want to query a company information including all its address information by compayid (the primary key of table company ). CompanyLocalHome.findByPrimaryKey(companyid) returns a
      CompanyLocal object from which we can get the company address information by method getAddress(), which returns a collection of AddressLocal. Since the client developer do not want to know the AddressLocal, we should make a generic class which can fill the collection with dbTableModel. Can you give me an idea?