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    Hibernate search with JPA query intersection


      Hi everyone!

      I am using hibernate 4 as JPA provider in Jboss AS 7.2. Today i enabled hiberante search module and it just works fine. I planned to use fulltext search in some kind of filter(I used Criteria API for that before). Now I want to combine Criteria query with hib-search query, but the problem is that i have maxResult and pagination(and other) restrictions in criteria query and a dont know how to combine this with hib-search(or lucene) query, that returns all entities which rows matches tha search patterns?

      I know, that there is a FullTextQuery.setCriteriaQuery(), but I'm not sure that it does want and it looks for Hibernatequery, not JPA.


      So, my question is how to combine hib-search(lucene) query with criteria api query?


      thank's a lot!