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    HTTPRouter alternative to soapclient & wise soapclient?


      Tom Fennely says-


      As I just pointed out to someone else... better idea would be to avoid that soapUI client and instead use an action pipeline that string a transformer action (to generate the SOAP payload) together with a HttpRouter action (to route the SOAP payload to the endpoint and get back the response).


      On the face of it, it may seem like a bit more work, but you have full control and visibility with this option.  My bet is that you'd get this working a lot faster and with a lot less bother.


      Is this good idea to use HTTP Router to send soap message- any shortcomings from working prospective not feature based?

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          I think Tom's suggestion was trying to avoid the use of the soapui SoapClient.     I think you should be fine with the Wise SoapClient + transformations.   By using HttpRouter you would be giving up the class generation and a lot of validation/checks on the client side, but if you're comfortable with that, by all means you can roll your own SOAP requests with HttpRouter.