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    Arquillian Final/ShrinkWrap: Exclude "vanilla" test classes from src/test/java

    napu Newbie



      My problem manifested itself with CR7 (if I remember correctly): When creating an archive using the addPackages method, also the XxxTest classes are added from src/test/java and they cause the tests to fail.


      (The failure itself is quite weird: a ClassNotFoundException in the JBoss server (7.1.1.) window.)


      I can of course avoid the problem e.g. by filtering as in the following example or by using single addClass methods:


      {code}WebArchive paketti = ShrinkWrap.create(WebArchive.class,


                  .addPackages(false, Filters.exclude(XxxUnitTest.class),



                  .addAsWebInfResource("META-INF/beans-arquillian.xml", "beans.xml");




      Both these solutions are tedious as JPA classes contain references to other JPA classes and there will either be a horrendous amount of single addClass methods or a rather big amount of excudes.


      Best Regards, /napu