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    CMP2.0 creating relationship error



      I am trying to use CMR for 1 (ParentBean) to Many ( ChildBean )relationships. On running from the client I get 'duplicate column name error'. My DB is already created & I dont want to drop & create DB everytime. Can any one help me in how to disable creation of column while defining relations as , I understand by default it creates a column.

      I have defined the relationship in the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml


      <ejb-relationship-role-name>ParentBean-Has-ChildBean </ejb-relationship-role-name>

      <ejb-relationship-role-name>ChildBean -belongsto-ParentBean</ejb-relationship-role-name>


      Any pointers to this are most welcome. Please reply to my id also.

      Thanks in Advance