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    add-user.sh (or add-user.bat) does not allow username to match password


      When I attempt to setup a new user using the "add-user" script, it will not let me have the same string for both username and password.

      I want the username/password to be "admin/admin".  This combination of username and password is very common throughtout our industry and of course it is STUPID to use this combination for "real" servers. But I'm talking about my local box.  As a Java Web Developer I have many, many servers with username/passwords to remember: SVN, CVS, Nexus, Jenkins, Bamboo, Tomcat Server, JBoss, etc.  I'm sick and tired of it.  I use "admin/admin" for as much as I can ON MY LOCAL ENVIRONMENT ONLY and only for non-critical systems.  Why won't JBoss AS all me to do this?


      Let me again emphasize once again: I'm talking about my personal development box.

      Don't lecture me about "easy to guess" or "security".

      Don't argue with me about: "well, once you get in a habit of using easy username/password combinations you might make that mistake on a production server".


      I work at a large company, behind a ridiculous amount of firewalls.  My little computer, in my liitle cubicle is for me to develop with: period. My little computer can't do anything to put the department in jeopardy. Why can't I override and create  the username/password of my choice. I'm a big boy now, stop treating me at a noob.


      If the person sitting next to me at work, wants to break into my computer while I'm away at lunch, the last thing he is going to do is think "Hey, let me break into David's local JBoss Server and mess-up his HTTP port!".