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    human task versioning??

    abhi P Newbie



      I wish to re-run the "completed" human task. I understand the task can't be restarted.

      To achieve this, I will need to create  a new task and copy the inputs of human task (in "Completed" state) and create a new human task which is copy of completed human task.(it would have the same inputs + additional inputs)


      Is there any way to link these tasks together? something like versioning?

      where I can call previously completed Human Task as HT version 1 and newly created Human Task as HT version 2?

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          Might be better to simply make use of the process that can decide if there is a need for another human interaction after the task is completed and if so create new task with the input as the first one plus some additional inputs. Inputs should be taken from process variables so they are always up to date and managed by process.