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    CacheNotifier.notifyCacheEntryVisitedEvent() callback details

    Ben Cotton Newbie



      Given a simple "quickstart" ISPN 5.x grid of 3 nodes (mode=DIST_SYNC, num_owners=1, L1=enabled, L1EntryLifespan=60000millis), I want to distribute a set of keys uniformally across the grid and then run very simple tests on a series of


      V = cache.get(K);


      operations.  Two Questions:


      1.   If I do an addListener() registration on my Cache that processes event=notifyCacheEntryVisited, will the Listener be called back on each/every one of my  V = cache.get(K);  runtime invokes?


      2.  If so, Is there any ISPN 5.x API mechanism that can allow me to tell when the V = cache.get(K); is resolved by a  "hit@L1NearCache" (as opposed to being resolved by a "hit@remoteNodeCache") ?