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    hibernate IDE tools - jpa-ql auto-complete broken when formatted

    darren hartford Expert

      Hi all,

      Just trying out the hibernate tools for a JPA1 project, and just curious if this is expected or not when dealing with formatted (i.e. eclipse ctrl-shift-F) long queries:




              @NamedQuery(name ="mytestitem", query="select o from mycustomobject o where o.id = :id"}),


              @NamedQuery(name ="mytestitem2", query="select o from mycustomobject o" +

                + " where o.id = :id"})





      The o. (ctrl-space, select id from pulldown)  works on the first mytestitem query, but the second one does not.


      Tested on  Jboss Dev Studio 6.0.1.GA



      EDIT: Just to add additional concern, when auto-formatted there is no easy way to put the query into the Hibernate Query Editor without manually removing the individual pluses and quotes.  Ideal scenario would be (for namedqueries) to highlight the name value, right-click, 'show in Hibernate Query Editor' to then put the query value into the editor.