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    JBoss not removing content from servers/ directory on host controllers

    k clair Newbie

      I'm running EAP 6.1.0 in domain mode.


      I've found that JBoss is storing deployed content in two locations:




      When we replace deployed content through the domain controller, the old content gets removed from JBOSS_HOME/domain/data/content but not from JBOSS_HOME/domain/servers/<server-name>/data/content.  This is quickly filling up disk space.


      Is there something we should be doing differently in our deployments to get this content remove from all of the stored locations?


      We are deploying via the java API like so:



      deploymentPlan = dmgr.newDeploymentPlan()
                          .add("${groupName}-${artifact.artifactId}.${artifact.extension}", artifact.file)


      Is it because we're using withRollback() ?