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    Accessing simple process variable for Drools rule?

    Patrick Steiner Newbie



      I'm currently trying to learn jBPM & Drools, to be more precise, JBoss BRMS ...


      Currently I'm stuck at a point where I could really need some help!


      All the samples, e.g. the Car-Insurance sample from Eric Schabells Github repository do work with complex datatypes.

      What I'm trying to achieve is much, much simpler - using the webbased process designer/Guvnor ...


      Actually all I want is to extend Eric's brms-rewards-demo to the following:


      1) add an 'amount' field to the process

      2) dependent on value of the 'amount' a second approval


      I have managed to extend the sample to do both, but now I would like to do the decission for 2) via a Drools rule.


      Beeing a noop in this matter, I don't know how to proceed.


      It would be great if someone here could point me to another sample or give me some  hint on how to proceed.


      I  have added my "extended" version of Erics sample as an repository, just in case ...


      Thanks a lot in advanced