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    WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL does not work for EAR files.  Hello World code attached.


      Hello Learned and Astonishly Charming JBoss Associates,


      I've been trying for quite some time now to get my successfully deployed WAR to become a successfully deployed EAR.  Much to my chagrin, this has been my white whale, and it just might kill me.


      In a nutshell, the attached EAR file contains a WAR.  If you deploy that WAR file everything works smooth as butter.  As soon as you put it in an EAR format however, you get the following well placed riposte:


      19:33:57,513 WARN  [org.jboss.as.jsf] (MSC service thread 1-2) JBAS012603: Unknown JSF version 'WAR_BUNDLES_JSF_IMPL'.  Default version 'main' will be used instead.


      Not cool, JBoss.  Not cool.


      I've tried moving the jars to different places in the WAR/EAR.  I've tried using Manifest files.  I've tried colorfully adorned four letter expletives.  JBoss is unmoved.  Does anyone know why JBoss is rejecting my JSF advances?  Can the relationship be fixed?


      Using EAP 6.1 which I believe is equivalent to AS 7.2.


      Thanks in advance,



      PS:  The forum didn't like me attaching a 1.8 meg file so here's a download link instead