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    User specific navigation using navigation.xml


      Hi All,


      I created a GateIn Portal application deployed in Gatein 3.2. Is it possible to create user based navigation in my portal by using navigation.xml.

      Here is my problem


      I created some  user pages and page id's which looks like follows

      Page for user root: user::root::myPersonalPage

      Page for user mary:user::mary::myPersonalPage


      I created above pages using org.exoplatform.portal.mop.page.PageService class

      I need to create navaigations of above pages using  navigation.xml file.

      Is it possible to create seperate navigations for mary and root by using navigation.xml file, which means

      if mary is logged in and when she click on the personal page link, she should be redirected to the page  which has the id as user::root::myPersonalPage
      When root is logged in and clicks on the personal page link, he should be redirected to the page which has the id as user::mary::myPersonalPage

      Please note that there are n no of users in my portal application. when a user clicks on the  personal page link he/she should be redirected to his/her own myPersonalPage.

        Is it possible to accommodate all these navigations using only one navigation node in navigation.xml??


      Thanks in advance...