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    Opened a branch for Components 4.5.x (space for contributions to 4.x)


      I have opened a branch 4.5.x:



      This branch is compiled against Build/Core version 4.3.3, but it generates 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT.




      Two reasons:

      • opening new space for contributions in 4.X series
      • smooth transition from 4.3 to 5.0


      Contributions to 4.X series


      We works heavily on 5.0, but it certainly doesn't prevent anyone to improve 4.3.x branch.


      However branch 4.3.x is currently stable branch and we need to be very careful about what goes there, otherwise we could simply break applications in production.


      In order to give everyone chance to improve 4.X as well as have a place for incubation of fixes for stables branches (such as 4.3.x),


      we opened 4.5.x branch for Components (which got most pull requests with fixes so far).



      Smooth Transition


      We are comiting huge efforts to make 5.0 as straight-forward to migrate to as possible.


      One of the efforts is keeping component API as close to 4.3.


      However we also know that they are situations when it won't be trivial for you to migrate like

      • application skin/themes based on 4.3 skins



      We want to allow you to leverage Components from both 4.3 and 5.0 in same application,


      however 4.3 and 5.0 has incompatible Core API (mainly refactored packages at this point).


      Thus we are diverging 4.5 branch which is currently tied to Core 4.3, but later, it will use Core 5.0.


      So, you will be able to:


      • use RichFaces 5.0 (richfaces-5.0.0.jar = Core + Components)
      • together with RichFaces 4.5 Components (richfaces-components-api-4.5.0.jar + richfaces-components-ui-4.5.0.jar)




      Thanks everyone for the efforts and keep the fixes coming!