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    VisualVM -> JBoss AS 7.1.1




      how can one access with VisualVM 1.3.3 the mbeans in JBoss AS 7.1.1 on a remote machine?


      The solutions in the theads below do *not* work for me, VisualVM just does not connect.








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          Hi ,


                   Try using the Script which is mentioned in the following link in ordert o connect to JBossAS7 using VisualVM.  (Place this script inside your JBoss  bin directory)



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            I just had a similar problem and even though this post is old, the solution may be useful to other people, so:

            For JBoss AS 7.1.1 you cannot use a script for AS 7.0 (like the one suggested below) since the paths to the required jars have changed. In fact, the easiest way for any version probably is to follow the instructions in this blog post and just make some minor modifications to the jconsole.bat/jconsole.sh script that comes with your JBoss installation (in the bin directory).

            Quote from blog post (applies to .bat file):

            Follow the steps listed below to be able to execute jvisualvm.exe and use the remoting-jmx functionality supported by JBoss to connect remotely:


            1. Copy the jconsole.bat in the %EAP_HOME%\bin into the same folder and call it jvisualvm.bat
            2. Edit the line that launches jconsole.exe and rename it jvisualvm.exe, as shown below// Before "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jconsole.exe" -J"-Djava.class.path=%CLASSPATH%"  // After "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\jvisualvm.exe" "-cp:a" "%CLASSPATH%"
            3. Run the batch file jvisualvm.bat at command prompt
            4. Right click on the Remote and add the remote IP and optionally give it a name
            5. Now right-click on the new entry under Remote and choose Add JMX Connection
            6. In the new dialog box provide the connection in the form: service:jmx:remoting-jmx://{host_name}:{port}
            7. Before choosing Ok, provide the username and password for the connection as the remote JMX connection is secure by default