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    AS7 Resource Adapter deployment dependency


      I am facing with issue (or maybe I am wrong and shouldn't be doing what I am doing )
      where my war is dependent on resource adapter (rar - activemq rar to be more specific). However on server restart
      as my war get deployed before resource adapter AS7 fails to start my war as it can't find dependency deployment,
      but afterwards deploys resource adapter quite ok. I have dependency towards resource adapter in my
      jboss-deployment-structure.xml file.


      Is there something what could be done on this matter or I should simply go with including
      cilent library in my war and not depending on rar although required classes are available in both
      and with depending on rar my war is more "thin".


      Any suggestion/tip/advice is welcome and appreciated.



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          For me it was easier to use a entry in manifest file of deployment unit.

          In my case it's an ear file, but should work the same way for war.



              <ear earfile="${BIN}/${pre-stage.ear.name}" appxml="${etc.dir}/application.xml">
                  <fileset dir="${build.deploy.dir}" includes="ejb-entity.jar"/>
                  <fileset dir="${build.deploy.dir}" includes="ejb-session-*.jar"/>
                  <fileset dir="${build.deploy.dir}" includes="ws-*.war"/>
                  <fileset dir="${build.deploy.dir}" includes="web.war"/>
                  <fileset dir="${build.deploy.dir}" includes="lib/**"/>
                  <fileset dir="${etc.dir}" includes="mbi_deploy.xml"/>
                      <attribute name="Dependencies" value="deployment.controller.rar, deployment.filesystem.rar"/>



          The name is always the prefix "deployment." + name of the rar-file.