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    RewriteRule does not work on my EAP 6.0 with HTTP POST messages

    Carlos Go Newbie



           I am trying to implement rewrite option on my EAP 6.0. over my SUSE SO. My target is change all HTTP POST messages with URI /foo/bar to another URI /example/bank:


                POST  /foo/bar HTTP/1.1     >>>     POST  /example/bank HTTP/1.1


           So, after I read http://docs.jboss.org/jbossweb/7.0.x/rewrite.html tutorial my steps are the next:


                    - Include on my jboss-web.xml the next sentences:






                     - Add rewrite.properties file with just the next rule inside:


                          RewriteRule bar$ http://ip:port/example/bank [R]


           All those files are placed in:



                `-- WEB-INF

                    |-- jboss-web.xml

                    |-- rewrite.properties

                    `-- web.xml


           But my server says HTTP 404 Not found message when my client send POST  /foo/bar HTTP/1.1  message.


           So, is the rewrite utility available on EAP 6.0? Is my syntax and configuration ok? Any other solution to get my target?


           Many thanks in advance!