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    Remote SwithYard server, HornetQ  Using jnp

    Godwin Thaya Newbie

      I have implemented following example (http://www.mastertheboss.com/jboss-jms/jboss-hornetq-simple-tutorial/page-2) in my local instance using horentQ2.3 .0.Final ("jnp://localhost:1099") it is working fine . Further i would like  to connect remote HornetQ Server to subscribe the message from switchyard Sever using JNP protocol way  I have already referred the below example(https://github.com/splatch/switchyard-components/tree/master/hornetq ) & implemented but there is running in embedded horentQ2.3 DEFAULT_PORT: 5445 only   also not produced deploy able .war   but i want remote SwithYard server, HornetQ Example program given me any suggestions Thanks in advance.