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    Actionlistener not called in extended datatable using fitlers

    John Strandmyr Newbie

      I've got an extededdatatable from richfaces and if i add a default value to the filter, so that some rows are excluded on first rendering, and then change the filter to show the rows that were hidden, I don't get any calls to the actionlisteners on the rows that were hidden at first.

      It works fine on those rows that was shown in the first page load, but not on those hidden.

      The same issue appears when i use paging, and some rows are on page two. if i use the filter to show some rows from another page, the actionlistener isnt triggered. I can still click on those rows that was apparent on the first page, but not on the other pages.

      If I don't have a default filter, or a pager, i can add and remove filtering and everything is fine.


      Below I've linked to pastebin with a sample of how my datatable is set up.